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Piano Teachers

Name:  Clive Newton.  GGSM (Hons) LTCL, Dip Ed.

Area:     Mapperley, Nottingham.

Phone:  0115 9670811

email:   [email protected]

Other Info. Beginners to Diploma welcome.


Name:  Elijah Israel.

Area:     West Bridgford

Phone:  07727 017245 or 07979683746.

email:   [email protected]

Other Info. Over 25 years experience. Member of British Equity.

Name:  David R. Evans.  LRAM, ALCM, LLCM,     DipABRSM, Cert Ed.

Area:     Ravenshead / North Nottingham.

Phone:  01623 794400.

email:   [email protected]

Other Info. From beginners to grade 8 and beyond.

Name:  Carly Collingwood.

Area:     Beeston.

Phone:  0115 9250070

email:   [email protected]

Other Info. Children and Adults welcome. All standards catered for.

Name:  Jane Moffett.

Area:     Newark & Surround.

Phone:  07793 125902 / 01636 703890

email:   [email protected]

Other Info. 

Name:  Alan Greaves.

Area:     Nottingham.

Phone:  07963 157388

email:   [email protected]

Other Info. All ages catered for.

Name:  Martin Wheelhouse.  BMus(Hons), PGCE.

Area:     Beeston & surround.

Phone:  0115 9259381  /  07952 272042

email:   N/A

Other Info. Beginners to advanced.

Name:  Neil Farley.

Area:     Nottinghamshire & Derbyshire.

Phone:  01773 880065.

email:   neilfarle[email protected]

Other Info. 

Name:  Trevor Hide.

Area:     Beeston & surround.

Phone:  0115 9224673.

email:   N/A

Other Info. 

Name:  Tim Parkin.

Area:     West Bridgford, Nottingham.

Phone:  0115 9456165.

email:   [email protected]

Other Info. 

Name:  Mariah Bohdan.  Diploma LCM.

Area:     Long Eaton & Beeston.

Phone:  07931 704408.

email:   [email protected]

Other Info. 

Name:  Ms Pamela Young.

Area:     Nottingham

Phone:  0115 9692179.

email:   [email protected]

Other Info. All standards welcome.

Name:  Michael Boltz.

Area:     Lincolnshire.

Phone:  01522 808418.

email:   [email protected]

Other Info. 

Name:  Stella Middleton.

Area:     West Bridgford.

Phone:  0115 9233133.

email:   N/A

Other Info. Any age or standard upto Diploma.

Name:  Chris Burton

Area:     Hucknall & surround

Phone:  07984 469431.

email:   [email protected]

Other Info. 

Name:   Martyn Tite.  ATCL

Area:     Derbyshire & Nottinghamshire.

Phone:  01332 347465.

email:   N/A

Other Info. 

Name:  Jane Winters.  Qualified teacher. BA (Hons) LTCL.

Area:     West Bridgford.

Phone:  0115 9235737.


Other Info. Waiting list always.

Name:  Mrs Crossland.

Area:     Wollaton.

Phone:  0115 9855751.

email:   N/A

Other Info. Teaches from home.

Name:  Mary Upton.

Area:     Beeston & surround.

Phone:  0115 9229320.

email:   N/A

Other Info. 

Name:  Richard Eaton.

Area:     Notinghamshire

Phone:  0115 9336494.

email:   [email protected]

Other Info. All standards welcome.

Name:  Mrs H. Frost.

Area:     West Bridgford.

Phone:  0115 9233644.

email:   N/A

Other Info. Children & adults welcome.

Name:   Mrs Cumberland.  ISM registered teacher.

Area:     Newark & Grantham.

Phone:  01400 281845.

email:   [email protected]

Other Info. 

Name:  Sue Lake.  ALCM. EPTA member

Area:     Beeston & surround.

Phone:  0115 9133627


Other Info. Any standard.

Name:  Alistair Robinson.

Area:     Nottinghamshire.

Phone:  01949 20303.

email:   N/A

Other Info. Home teaching available.



Specialist piano, acoustic instrument and vocal recording.

Light spacious live room. Friendly and helpful staff.

Competitive rates. Blüthner model IV grand piano (6'11")

Phone 0115 9701106 for full details.

This service is provided by

Clement Pianos

221 Lenton Boulevard





Name:  Helen Tseu (Barker)

Area:    Nottingham & Surround.

Phone:  01623 660257 / 07531 493937

email:   [email protected]

Other Info. Available Monday - Saturday.  20 years teaching experience. Beginners to Diploma. ALCM, DipRCM, LRSM, FRSM.

Name:  Elaine Wilson.     NG7 2BY   &  NG17 9HB


Name: Anna Stavrinides.  NG2


Name:  Miranda Zhang.  NG1

Name:  Karen Evans.

Area:     Basford, Hucknall & surround.

Phone:  07876 515626  /  0115 9279772

email:   N/A

Other Info. Beginners & Intermediate level from seven years upwards.

Name:  Irena Sparham.

Area:     Mapperley Park, Nottingham

Phone:  0115 9625616

email:   [email protected]

Other Info. Available all week after 4pm.

Name:  Paul Ricard.   NG2 5DS

Name:   Lucy Jones.

Area:     Grantham

Phone:  01476 418088

email:    [email protected]

Other Info. Lessons for adults and children, beginners to Grade 5.  CRB checked.

Name:  Josephine Marsh

Area:     Giltbrook, Kimberley, Nuthall, Eastwood.

Phone:  07967 838320

email:   [email protected]

Other Info. All standards welcome. Evening teaching only.

Name:  John Wilson.   NG9 1AZ


Name:  Tracey Gordon.   NG12 4ET


Name: Alison Bailey.  NG9 and NG2


Name:  Tricia Luckcuck.   NG8

Name:  Julia Gaunt.  NG16 2UN


Name:  Charles Wollacott.  NG5 4BA


Name:   David Woodhouse.  DE6

Name:  Bronwyn Wollacott.   NG5 4BA


Name:  Susan Fawcett.  NG19 6QS

Name:  Jenny Walker.  NG31 9GF


Name:  David Jensen  NG7 2BY


Name:  Kris Worsley